Drink Lash

Holds Drinks Anywhere.


Drink Lash

Holds Drinks Anywhere.

Simple. Easy.

No installation hassles.
No damaged surfaces.


Secure. Convenient.

Grippit! Drink-Lash offers a simple and easy drink holder solution that doesn’t require tools and won’t damage your mounting surface. 

The perfect alternative to permanent installations, it instantly attaches with powerful suction cups, for secure and convenient placement on any smooth, non-porous surface like fiberglass, plexiglass, or metal. Designed for the outdoors, our holders are perfect for boats, jetski’s, ATV’s, scooters, RV’s… and more!

One Size Fits All.

Unlike rigid holders that only fit certain sizes, Grippit’s flexible webbing basket and patented stretchable rim, expands to hold virtually any size container.

Tough. Lightweight.

Each of our holders is made in the USA from the finest marine grade components. Rugged poly-webbing construction makes them compact and super lightweight.

Our holders stow anywhere – even your pocket! Take one along wherever you go. Grippit! sticks where you need it and keeps your drink handy.

Customer comments

Excellent product. We've been using these for years.
Capt. Dave
The kids each get a color so there are fewer mix-ups, and they are great for entertaining aboard.
Meagan Clarke
Costa Mesa, CA
Works great on my scooter.
I stick one next to the ladder so I have a cool drink waiting after a dive.
P. Martin
Stick this guy to a flat clean surface and it is not moving. I use this product on a large offshore sport fishing boat that does 30kts through most anything and I can leave a drink hanging with extreme confidence. I personally hate to drill unnecessary holes in my boat for mounting equipment so this works out perfect for me. I can't recommend this product enough!
Hobe Sound, FL

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